Best Filehost Sites

List Of Best Filehost Sites

Best Filehost Sites

Are you willing to keep your naked pics, your favorite porn and all the other hot gifs that you have in your computer to a safe place? Is it really safe? We, at PornGathering, decided to help you with an alternative, so we have prepared for you the best file host sites so that no one could ever find them!


Are you seeking for a private space to keep and hide your important stuff from your annoying brothers and sisters? Do you have enough free time to decide which website is the best around for sharing files? No, you don’t have time to waste in searching for safe sharing files websites! PornGathering is going to help you in this matter! We have prepared a list of porn file host sites that we evaluated as being the best ones! All you have to do is pick the one that you like!


Do you think that your personal porn collection is safe, wherever would it be right now? Have you ever thought that someone might discover it on your personal computer? Well, file sharing websites might look like a good solution to all your problems! 


What do these file hosting sites do for you? Either we are talking about the free ones or the premium ones (you pay for the space you need), you might want to have a look at the rules that these guys have, otherwise you might get your porn and some of your content deleted. There are certain rules that need to be followed by everyone.


There are also certain advantages that this kind of sites have for you, besides storing and sharing porn, you can download them from anywhere, upload what you want through FTP, download simultaneously, use download accelerators, download directly without waiting a certain amount of time,  this kind of services work pretty fast and these guys have created applications for each platform, that means, access from anywhere: mobile phones, tablets, personal computers. Some of these sites offer also unlimited storability for a certain amount of cash, they have no ads so you will not be annoyed and there are also websites that have the guarantee of giving your money back if you are not satisfied with these services.


Other things that you might want to pay attention at are filehost sites that might not be safe, as there are tons of sites that keep your documents, videos, pictures, but infect them with viruses. Make sure you have installed a strong antivirus that is always ready to detect such websites! Also, keep in mind that you should be informed before taking this serious decision. PornGathering also advises you to keep a copy of the files that you upload on these sites somewhere in your email, or on some Cloud service. 


Now that you have the option of having a look at the top that we made of store files websites, don’t worry! PornGathering has tested each and every website that you will see reviewed. In our reviews, we included the advantages and the disadvantages of using that certain website, but we also included other stuff that we observed and thought they might help you in taking the best decision.

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