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Why is Porn Gathering here?

PornGathering is the place to go when it comes to reviewing adult content and ranking porn websites. All content is strictly for viewers aged 18 and over, and we take great care to only include the highest quality images, GIFs and videos. We take great pride in establishing our own high standards and criteria to evaluate the highest quality of adult entertainment. Ar Are you looking for something steamy and suggestive? You’ve come to the perfect spot! Here you can find a variety of adult content categories to fulfill all your desires!

Have you been trying to find some high-quality pornography to satisfy your desires? Was it easy to locate what you were looking for? H Have you spent a great deal of time trying to find good porn? It can be quite consuming, can’t it? We have the answer for you – a directory featuring the best adult websites! As We took our time carefully selecting the hottest sites to include in our PornGathering collection.

In the early days of the Internet, it was a struggle to find the adult content you wanted. Your bookmarks were full of sites with slow load times and questionable quality. However, with the rise of high-speed connections and more porn sites than ever before, it can be difficult to know which ones are worth your time. That’s why we created PornGathering—we’re committed to curating only the best and highest quality adult content. Let us be your guide to a world of unforgettable experiences.

How were you watching porn before the 2000s?

Remember the times when porn was available only on video cassettes and people gathered around at some guy’s house to watch it? It was a something, huh? How did you get your porn cassettes first of all? Were you going to rent them from specific shops (that later on appeared and then disappeared in certain countries)? What happened during the time that passed? From several people that watched together porn, we went to people watching all by themselves porn and having the chance to enjoy the content they were watching, if you know what we mean. From masturbating in group with the lights off, we got to rubbing that fat cock in our room.

It was pretty hard to find porn at some point, but look at us now, all grown up with jizz all over the place. Yeah, today you can watch porn from anywhere, in your car, on your mobile phone, on your way to work on the tablet. Technology has evolved and porn has evolved as well. The most important thing is that nowadays you will not have to pay for your porn (unless you want to be a premium member of some porn site), free porn sites and videos are all over the Internet, meanwhile, in the past, you had to spend some cash to find and buy video cassettes with porn content. Don’t you worry now, porn gathering is here and you get to choose from the best free and premium porn sites.

How do you search for your preferred porn scenes now?

How did you search for your porn? PornGathering was going straight to top porn sites (where you could find mom and son porn) that have a name today (but they are also quite old, with “experience”), brands like PornHub, YouPorn, PornJizz,(that mean something to you too) but even on these porn sites, the quality of the porn videos was not quite good, but it was free (but has for sure evolved as the years have passed). Do you remember how many times your personal computer was buffering while you were watching porn in streaming? But it was worth it, right?

Today we have HD porn scenes, 3D porn videos and the newest stuff are Virtual Reality porn sites. This is not over yet, nowadays you can control sex toys remotely that are shoved into some cam girl’s vagina! You can even have cybersex, video chats are the most common places where chicks strip for you and you start masturbating. What could be more pleasant for you than watching one hot babe doing what you are asking her to while you rub your fat tool? Or how about watching some fetish porn? Today we have adult dating sites, and more than 50 years ago if you wanted to meet someone, you had to make an announcement in the local newspaper. This is what we call technology, thanks to it we have access to anything, from anywhere. So you can sit confy on your sofa under the blanket and choose from PornGathering what you want to see next .

Nowadays you can even build up your own porn scenes, you can play porn and sex games, you can create your own chick (just the way you dreamt her) and then watch your amazing video and fap to it over and over again. Isn’t that awesome? Thank God the porn gathering has already been done and you get to choose from safe porn sites where you can play sex games.

How are you doing your porn research now?

Which do you think are today’s most used keywords when people want to search for adult content on the world wide web? Some of us are still “trapped” one way or another in the past so we go straight to the well’known porn name sites in the industry. Others search for direct videos in the Google Videos tab, like “ lesbian babes”, “hardcore fucking” or “pantyhose” and other people aim to watch porn on top porn sites, that is why they come over here, to so called porn experts like PornGathering.

Google is still one of our best friends, as you type keywords you are interested in, you can choose between other keywords that complete the one you were writing. Then you hit enter and get results :). Yeah, your beloved results. Do you trust Google? Do you trust its recommendations? You already know Google, the search engine that more than 80% of us use, it gives you relevant results that you will sure love to watch. In some way, Google also gathers the porn gathering, but of the best sites that do SEO and appear in search results .

How about choosing adult content that we included in our porn categories? We have reviewed and ranked free and premium porn sites (that share fetish porn, but also other porn categories and various niches) according to specific quality standards! This might be the best decision that you might ever take, trusting porn specialists like PornGathering over here!

Do you know what are you looking for in matters of porn?

Yes, guys, people that know what they want to write down directly on Google certain keywords that are relevant for searching certain porn content. That does not mean that they are going to find for sure what they were looking for. Once you write on Google, you get instant and fast results, depending on the keyword you enter in there, you get specific (Asian porn scenes) or generic (oral sex, brother and sister porn) results.

Are you the “generic” type of guy, just having a look around, having enough time to see what else is new in matter of porn or are you the “specific” one looking forward to see mom and son porn scenes and what the world wide web has for you today, maybe some new porn scenes with your favored Asian pornstars?

Do not worry guys, either you are into having a look around or looking for specific videos and genres, this website is made entirely for you! Here you will find what you are looking for!

How much time do you have to have in order to choose on what porn site to go?

15 minutes. This is the maximum amount of minutes that you are going to need in order to take a decision. We write honest reviews so you will need some time to read porn reviews of these top porn sites. We divided porn into certain categories. Our porn categories include various types of niches, free and premium porn sites that you might be looking for or where you would want to become a premium member. (if we missed a website, make sure you drop us a line here).

From free to premium porn sites, we cover porn reviews of all the categories below listed. (Did we miss a possible porn category? Please make us aware of that)

Trust us, you are going to find out so much stuff about your favorite porn sites in here that you are going to be back for more, anxious for more porn reviews. Or even better, you will find more top porn sites that will become one of your favorites. So remember to bookmark our site in order to see what else is new around here.(or some brother and sister porn)

What do we take into account when writing a porn review and ranking a website?

PornGathering ranks top porn sites based, first of all, on categories, we rank websites that fit in the same categories. We take enough time to have a look around at what that specific porn site and niche has to offer in matters of porn and what do they offer to users. (maybe something more, a bonus for premium access, places where members can interact and others).

User experience is also important, you have to find stuff easily not to dig for them on every page of the porn site. Sorting content is important, having (an advanced) search area also. Less time we spent finding the content we are looking for, the better. Another important aspect is SEO. How much effort do porn sites make in order to rank better (to be easily found by porn lovers), how many people come on that porn site from Google, where are they from and how that specific porn sites make them come back for more and other interesting stuff.

In our porn reviews, we include also what type of information they include on their porn site and what else you can do around there. There are people that love interacting with other specific niche porn lovers, so they want to chat, to share stuff and others. Some people love to press like, share, add to favorites, so top porn sites have to think about these features and include them. Some aspects are worth mentioning as other users might be interested in finding features and what other options do they have. (as uploading a sex tape or downloading HD content in different formats).

We should also state that we are in a continuous process of improving our porn reviews so that people who read them understand what that porn site has to offer and what options do they have when becoming members.

What can you do on PornGathering’s directory porn site?

Get ready to read! Yeah, first of all, if you want to take a decision on what porn site to go, there is some reading involved and we are not going to say bull shit and share crappy stuff with you! Our porn reviews are unique and we take into account several stuff that you might want to know about, so we share them with you!

Quality is what we want and quality is what we “ask” and what we are looking for in porn sites, we want quality when it comes to watching videos (especially mom and son porn), enjoying photos, user experience, amazing and call to action content, great on page and off page SEO and plenty of other aspects. We are aware that as long as we share quality stuff with you, you are going to want some more. That makes PornGathering happy, sharing relevant porn info with you and helping you in taking a decision on which brother and sister porn site to choose!

What has PornGathering to offer to you?

Porn Reviews of top porn sites ranked based on certain rules, included in categories. We review porn sites that we include in certain categories. The porn categories that we cover are:

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