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famous celebrity blogs

There is no one that wanted for at least once in its life to be famous. What does celebrity bring? Basically, paparazzi, money, bodyguards and others :). People and paparazzi will want to find you, to follow you all around, making sure that they will find something new to share with the world, or why not, a boob slip, a dress that went to up and revealed those tiny panties, or even more, a pussy.


Most of the famous people all around the world were caught during embarrassing moments like nipples revealed in San Francisco, topless babes on (they thought) secret beaches in Hawaii, naked actresses on nude beaches in Palermo, sex tapes that slipped out all over the Internet from nowhere and so on. 


Are you a celebrity porn fan? Do you enjoy watching famous people’s intimate parts, fucking or exposing those well-trained hot bodies? In this case, you might want to have a look at PornGathering’s free celebrity blog sites.


Most of the official celebrity blogs are sharing news about them, about what are they up to next, sharing fashion tips, sharing lifestyle ideas, sharing healthy tips or it is just a way of getting their stuff sold: like the new perfume that they just launched, CDs, collections of DVDs, promoting the new movie that is in cinema’s and others. It is pretty obvious that these guys have no time to write their own blogs, so these blogs are being written by people hired to do that for them, to do the blog maintenance.


This time, PornGathering has something else for you, our list includes websites that include famous people in different situations: nip slips, nips seen through different transparent blouses, photos that reveal round sexy asses or butt cheeks like Kimberley Garner from Kensington or Alyssa Milano from New York, babes caught topless during vacations like Jemma Lucy from Manchester or Nicki Minaj from Saint James with her boob out. 


These celebrity blog sites or otherwise said, websites with celebrities and more are something like gossip sites with provocative, sometimes porn images that reveal certain parts of their hot bodies. It’s something more like bloggers talking about celebrities, what have they been up to lately, showing off the latest pics taken in the newest event where they took part and in fact, promoting themselves. 


If most of the websites are concentrated upon different celebrities, some are niched on different stuff like nip slips, sexy pics or just topless images. These websites are very well structured in articles that include big hot pics or gifs for you that have a very good quality so that they can attire your attention to see more and more of these blogs.


When it comes to the most popular celebrity blogs, we have done the research, so that you can start enjoying your favorite content. Choose between the websites that we have reviewed and discovered for yourself the most shameful pics that have ever been made to our world’s celebrities. Are you not satisfied with the pictures that you have found? Start taking pictures of celebrities during inappropriate moments and share them with us 🙂

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