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Sex Com Porn gathering is part of the best pin porn sites category. This is one of the best places where you can watch the most popular pics, gifs, and videos in matter of porn and pin them. Get your account now on sex com, everything is for free! 

The site is here

The best thing about pinning adult content on sexcom is that you can do it with any picture or video. As a user, on sex com, you have the possibility to comment and like any pin, create boards with videos and picture collections that you like and upload videos and picture that you can share with others. As if pinning porn is not enough, in the menu you can choose to read sex stories, play sex games or browse sex deals. is available in German, English, Spanish, French, Italian, Poland, Portuguese, Arab and Russian. That’s nice! For each language you choose, you get to see the popular video of those who have chosen that specific language. Sex com is plurilingual. Sexcom knows how to get more and more users from the entire world to come on their website.

Users of sexcom have the possibility to turn the GIF animation off and the Javascript browsing off as well. We have identified two main things that we did not like about sex com: the fact that the menu is not fixed and as you scroll down, you get kinda lost and it is pretty hard to go back up as you have to scroll and scroll and keep scrolling. We consider this a navigation issue, sexcom has to do something to improve the user experience.

If you are looking for a specific picture, GIF or videos, have no worry, you can find it easily on sexcom. As you get to choose between the following categories listed on amateurs, anal, ass, babes, big tits, ebony, emo, fisting, footjob, gay, group sex, handjob, hardcore, hentai, lesbian, panties, penis, self shot and others. There is impossible not to find hot stuff that are going to make you horny on sex com.

What we did enjoy about sexcom is that when you want to find something, you get to use the search area and you get to choose between videos, pictures, deals, boards, and users. So, finding stuff is pretty easy. The site loads pretty fast, so no wasting time waiting on sexcom.

In matter of porn content on (the best place to pin porn sites), you can see hardcore or softcore stuff and there are also some teasing parts. Parts where babes start taking their clothes off and showing tits, pussies, and asses, but also parts when they just pose sexy in lingerie.

Some people use this site in order to find new porn content for uploading porn videos or just bookmarking what other people uploaded. Find your own reason of using this site every day!


Sex com’s Traffic


Have you ever wondered from which countries come the porn freaks that enjoy stuf from this site? The ones that stay all day long and pin porn on sex com?

Well, here is your answer. Most of the traffic comes from the United States. Lots of Americans on sexcom, yeah! Then we have India, Sri Lanka, United Kingdom, Egypt, Algeria, Pakistan, Canada, and France. Here you have the pin lovers, users that love pinning porn on this site.


Competitors of SexCom


This site is part of an interesting niche that has not been exploited enough. Since Pinterest appears, some geniuses thought about pinning porn. We have identified other websites where you can pin porn, just like on this site. Here they are:,, and’s Total Traffic Estimate


Sexcom’s webmasters know SEO help them. So they know what to do in order to get more than 1.145.000 visitors per month. People that love porn comes around and spend some quality time on this site, most of them to pin porn sites


Traffic From Social Networks On


This site is one of the websites that knows how to use every social network to promote itself. Most of all, they use Facebook, Google+, Linkedin, Pinterest but also other means to get traffic. Big plus for

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